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Your Water Bill

explanation of a water service bill with a photo of the exact water service bills that are sent out

Billing ID: Central Weld County Water District recently implemented a new billing system. With this new billing system, you are able to set up an online account using a unique Billing ID beginning in 0432.

Auto Pay: Auto Pay will be deducted the 15th of each month.

Account Number: This is the number that Central Weld County Water District uses to look up your account when you call in. This is also the number that can be used when you choose "Guest Checkout" while using our one time payment portal.

Usage: Central Weld County Water District reports usage per thousand gallons. 

Ex: Usage 91 = 91,000 gallons

Annual Allocation and YTD Usage: The annual allocation is how much water your individual water meter is allotted. Each water meter based on size and type of water meter has a different allotment. The Year To Date usage shows how much water has been used thus far in the water year. The water year begins November 1 and ends October 31.

CBT Surcharge: Due to the rising costs of CBT water, water treatment, and infrastructure maintenance, we must review rates and surcharges annually to ensure that our available water supply continues to meet the needs of all customers in the District.

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