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As the customer base has grown, some current customers have increased their water demands to the affect that they are using more water than their tap is allotted annually.  Due to the rising costs of CBT water, water treatment, and infrastructure maintenance, we must review rates and surcharges annually to ensure that our available water supply continues to meet the needs of all customers in the District. In order to purchase additional CBT water, the District will be initiating the gradual surcharge rate increase as follows:












If you are not using more than your annual water allotment, then the surcharge increase WILL NOT pertain to you.


If, however, you are currently paying a surcharge for using more water than your tap is allotted, this increase WILL affect your total water cost.

Central Weld County Water District (CWCWD) greatly appreciates your business.  We look forward to providing you with high quality water for many years to come.