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    Welcome to the Central Weld County Water District

    Water is one of our most precious natural resources, one that all of us depend on daily. However, we all take the availability of water for granted. As our summer days heat up, the ability to provide water for peak usage periods becomes more of a concern. Water conservation on a voluntary basis is one way all of us can help in insuring that water treatment, delivery, and storage can keep up with demands. How can I help? One way is to restrict outdoor water usage to every other day and in the early morning hours. Your voluntary participation will be greatly appreciated.

    Toilet leaks are the number one cause of water loss in the home. Please stop by the District office for a free dye tablet sample to see if you are losing water in your household. Thank you!

    NOTE: Special District Transparency Notice 2010 has been posted on our Reports to Our Customers page.

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