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Tenant Information

Central Weld County Water District requires notice of tenant changes. It is the responsibility of the property owner to notify Central Weld County Water District of all tenant changes. All tenant changes must be submitted to Central Weld by the property owner. Please contact the office at:

Phone: (970) 352-1284

Fax: (970) 353-5865


You can also fill out a Tenant Authorization Form using the link below:

Once the Tenant Authorization form is filled out, please submit that to the Central Weld office using the link below:

The Tenant Authorization Form must be filled out by the property owner and sent back to Central Weld prior to changing the account into the tenant's name.  The property owner will still recieve a water service bill from Central Weld if the account is past due. In the event that the tenant on file does not pay on the water service account, the property owner is responsible for any past due balances and/or late fees. Failure to comply with the requirements stated above may result in additional fees, to be billed to the owner and/or tenant.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to notify the Central Weld office at:
Phone: (970) 352-1284

Fax: (970) 353-5865

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