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NOTIFICATIONS: If you have a water emergency, please call the office and the answering service will notify our on-call tech.  

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All customers in the District may have control of their water by their own shut-off valve.  Meter and meter pits are not to be tampered with by the Customer.

No unauthorized person shall maliciously, willfully or negligently break, damage, destroy, uncover, deface or tamper with any structures, appurtenances or equipment which is a part of the District.  A fine will be imposed for such action at the discretion of the Manager based on factual information provided by staff.

No person shall uncover, make any connection with, or open into, use, alter or disturb any of the District's water lines without first obtaining a written permit from the District.

It shall be unlawful for any person to tap the District's water line within the District without first having made a formal application to the District for approval and compliance.

The District's agents or other duly authorized employees shall be permitted to enter upon all properties for the purpose of inspection, observation, measurement, sampling and testing in accordance with the provisions of these Rules and Regulations.

At any time that a meter is found to have a bypass of any kind installed or a lock cut prior to restoration, a minimum charge of $100.00 will be assessed to the account.  If the charge is imposed prior to restoration, the full amount of the charge plus any and all other charges must be paid in full before water service will be restored.  If the charge is imposed on an account with a tenant resident, it will be up to the tenant and the owner to make an agreement for reimbursement between the two parties.  The District must collect all fees prior to restoration.


Important Information about Lead in Your Drinking Water

The District has no lead violations.



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